PORTSMOUTH -- Charges were set aside against a woman charged with killing a Portsmouth teenager two years ago.

A spokesman for the Commonwealth's Attorney office says the chief witness against Willita Demby wasn't cooperating, so the charges have been nol prossed.

Prosecutors hope to bring back the charges against Demby at a later day.

That news was devastating to Tony Woolbright's father, Anthony, who was ready for the trial to begin Thursday morning.

'I'm drained, just drained,' he said.

'I've seen her there. I've looked at her. She look like she don't have no conscience at all,' said Anthony Woolbright.

Portsmouth officers picked up Demby days after Tony's death. The 16-year-old and two friends stopped at a convenience store at the intersection of Twin Pines Road and Gateway Drive in Churchland. After they crossed Twin Pines, an SUV pulled up.

'They all had their backs turned,' explained Woolbright. 'They went around the corner, creeped up there on 'em and just started shooting. Shot 'em all in the back,' Woolbright explained.

He told 13News Demby thought his son was someone else. Tony wore a hat that day in August, 2009 that was similar to one worn by somebody Demby thought stole from her. Tony's friends survived the shooting.

'I let him go, and it hurts inside, because I let him go out there,' said Woolbright, beginning to tear up. 'I work at the cemetery where he's at right now, work at Roosevelt Memorial Park where he's buried right now. I go to his grave site. I look at him every day when I go out there.'

Woolbright would have graduated high school this past school year. He was Anthony Woolbright's only son.

'I would like to let her know that you shedded blood on your hands. You took a young man's life that, but, remember, God's gonna take control of all of this, and there is a Hell down there, you know. Whatever way you're gonna make it, you're gonna get there,' said Woolbright.

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