GLOUCESTER The start of the school year brings big changes for many Gloucester County students.

Tornadoes ripped through the county on April 16, destroying Page Middle School.

Its almost 600 students finished out the year at Peasley Middle School, where students and staff split the day.

The Page Eagles and Peasley Lions are learning together and putting differences aside.

'There is a spirited rivalry, but I will tell you that rivalry has gone out the window and we have everyone here working positively to create a new identity for our school,' said Page Middle School principal Travis Burns.

For this academic year, sixth and seventh graders will return to Peasley; eighth graders will study in temporary classrooms in the parking lot of Gloucester High school.

'As far as his education, I think all the schools are working together well,' said parent Cindy Plessinger.

The school system decided to build a new school and was debating whether it should be built on the same site.

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