VIRGINIA BEACH A new cosmetic technology that was just featured on the Dr. Oz Show is being used in Hampton Roads.

The anti-aging machine is called Clear+Brilliant Laser. It supposedly reverses sun damage.

Some dermatologists like Dr. David McDaniel say it does wonders for the skin. He is apparently the only one in Hampton Roads who has the $20,000 machine.

Uli Nagenast is just 29 years old, but doctor McDaniel says she's the perfect candidate for this mild machine.

'It's for the younger patients that may want to retard aging,' explained McDaniel. 'They just need to be freshened up a little bit - too many days at the beach or they used to go to the tanning bed.'

Nagenast is getting her second treatment.

'It does take a while to see some results, reduction in fine lines and plumpness to the skin,' Nagenast said.

The Clear+Brilliant Laser claims to remove sun spots, fine lines and give users a glow.

A treatment costs just under $250 although experts recommend four sessions.

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