PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- One of Linda Weston's brothers explained after their mother died, Weston was left to care for him and their 11 other siblings. What he described was a childhood filled with fear and sex, including incest.

'She would force my brothers and sisters, like my younger ones, she would force them to have sex. She would have sex with my other brothers and sisters,' he shared. 'She said, look, make them have babies., then we could get more money. It could be a brother and sister in her care.'

Weston is accused of holding four mentally challenged people captive in the sub-basement of an apartment in Philadelphia. Police believe it was part of a huge operation to steal Social Security money from disabled people. 3 other people, including Weston's daughter, Jean McIntosh, also face charges.

Among the people held in the sub-basement, beaten and starving, is Herbert Knowles who disappeared from Norfolk in 2008.

It was also that year that Maxine Lee's body was found in a home in Norfolk which Weston rented. At the time, Lee's death was ruled natural, attributed to acute meningitis. Since Weston's arrest in Philadelphia, police in Norfolk have reopened the case involving Lee.

'By calling her evil, that's like speaking nice of her,' the brother, who did not want to be identified, said of Weston.

Another sibling, Troy Weston, offered, 'She drugged me at a younger age. My brother was telling me she tried to even lock me in the basement, and he came there to get me out of there and he took me with him at the time.'

Weston was convicted in the 1980's for killing her sister's boyfriend. Venus Weston, also, served time for the death of Bernardo Ramos.

Weston's brother, who asked to remain anonymous, remembers Weston attacking Ramos.

'She grabbed the hammer, and he turned around to leave out, and she whacked him back of his head. First, it missed him, busted him in his shoulder, and I remember him stumbling. She hit him again and told us get out of here. Get back.'

Weston locked Ramos in a closet for months until he starved to death. Her brother, who was 10 years old at the time, said he watched her put Ramos into a shopping cart.

'She told me and my brother, get dressed. Roll it down the street. The first time you see an old house, dump it, so, we were scared,' he recalled.

The brother said it was that fear that kept him and relatives from going to police during the course of many years, years during which, he claimed, Weston sexually abused many disabled people.

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