PORTSMOUTH While the use of pepper spray in Norfolk schools has become controversial, another school district also has used the spray on students.

Portsmouth Police report spraying students twice in two years. Details of those incidents weren't immediately available.

Norfolk reports the most frequent use of pepper spray -- 39 times over the last four school years.

Recently, it was used to break up a food fight at Lafayette-Winona and at Blair Middle School, where students were sprayed for fighting and then hitting a security guard.

Norfolk is the only district to arm civilian security guards with pepper spray, but the School Board will reexamine that policy next week.

Other local school have police officers who carry the spray; however, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton and Chesapeake police report no uses of pepper spray on students.

All local districts deal with students getting into trouble.

Norfolk has the highest percentage of students suspended or expelled for disorderly or disruptive behavior, according to the Va. Dept of Education statistics.

Offenses 2010-2011

Norfolk: 11 %

Hampton: 9%

Newport News: 7 %

Portsmouth: 6 %

Suffolk and Chesapeake: 5 %

Virginia beach: 3 %

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