NORFOLK The City of Norfolk has left the door open to settle a woman's claim of police brutality.

A year ago, Kedra Foster's car ran out of gas and it stalled on Church Street near Va. Beach Blvd.

She says she was roughed up when officers arrived because they thought she was trying to steal the car.

'My car was out of gas .. beside that tree and I was pushing it,' she said.

Foster said she was relieved to see a police officer come by, but it wasn't long before she thought otherwise.

'He's like 'I don't know if this is your car,' she recalled. 'I'm disrespected. I'm humiliated. Not only did he hurt my arm, he bruised me right here. He picked me up. He slammed me. My pants were down.'

Foster says officers scanned her license plates, determined it was hers and helped her get the car to a parking lot.

She filed a complaint with the Internal Affairs.

Almost a year later, she received a letter from the City Attorney's office talking about a settlement.

The letter says, in part, I would never want it to be said that I was unwilling to engage in a settlement discussion. Please make an authorized demand and we'll see where we are.'

Foster says she still doesn't understand how things got out of hand last year.

She is filing a lawsuit to cover her medical bills because she doesn't have health insurance.

'I just want an apology. I want people to know what the cops will do to you,' she stated.

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