WILLIAMSBURG -- Hazing and crimes forced The College of William and Mary to suspend a fraternity, officials said.

The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Alpha Theta chapter, has lost organizational privileges through at least May 2015, said Vice President for Student Affairs Ginger Ambler.

The most recent incident occurred in November 2011 when something was stolen from Colonial Williamsburg as part of a scavenger hunt involving newly-recruited members, according to Ambler's statement.

At the time, the chapter was already on probation for a hazing incident in 2010.

'In addition to the larceny and damages to private property, Phi Kappa Tau has been implicated several times for instances of situational hazing. These violations were often public in nature and violated many school, state and fraternity policies regarding new member education,' said President of the Inter-Fraternity Council Ishan Bardhan.

The status of the fraternity's charter will be determined by the national organization and decision is expected soon.

A Student Conduct Board panel consisting of three students, one faculty member, and one administrator heard the case.

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