NORFOLK -- One local business is taking a unique approach to help with the revitalization of downtown Norfolk.

Grow Interactive is using some real estate it recently acquired to help jump start a new business.

'We had the space next door and knew we didn't need another storefront, and we had the space. We needed to expand into and we had an opportunity to do something amazing for the city,' said Drew Ungvarsky of Grow Interactive.

He posted the guidelines of his offer on a blog.

The offer includes 1,000 square feet of space indoors and an additional 1,000 feet of outdoor rooftop deck space at 429 Granby Street for about a $1,000 a month.

'It's definitely not too good to be true. It's really gonna happen, and I would challenge other people around here to start thinking differently about how to do business in the area in revitalizing downtown,' said Ungvarsky.

One caveat to the offer is that the business can't be something that's already available within a 75 mile radius.

Clint Dalton of 757 Creative Space submitted a proposal for a pop-up restaurant at the space.

'We're putting together a proposal that would allow 12 to 15 chefs to kind of rent fractional time almost like a timeshare for a restaurant.'

He says his research shows that the concept has been successful in larger cities.

'What's happening in larger cities is what's called a pop-up restaurant that just occurs one day a week, one day a month whenever there's spare capacity at a restaurant that's closed,' said Dalton.

Justin Robinson of Robinson Sports Management is a part of the downtown Norfolk business community and is excited to see what will fill the new space.

'Downtown Norfolk is thriving for something new, something exciting, something for the people to come and enjoy,' said Robinson.

Grow Interactive is accepting applications until July 6th. Ungvarsky expects to choose a proposal soon afterwords.
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