NORFOLK -- 13News anchor Joe Flanagan went to the Submarine Learning Facility at Naval Station Norfolk. Machinist's mate first class Brian Rodgers showed him the ropes.

The idea there is to turn on all the spriniklers and train submariners how to fix them.

'Are you kidding me?' asks Joe.

As the executive officer of the Submarine Learning Facility explained, a sub is a bubble of air, people surrounded by steel and a lot of high pressure water.

'So whenever you get a leak in that bubble, all the people onboard have to run at the leak, not away from the leak. And everyone needs to know what to do they need to know how to do it instantaneously,' said XO Andy Presby.

The water is a cold 65 degrees, and Joe had problems trying to plug a hole in a pipe. Meantime, there were other crews fighting their own leaks... different types of leaks for different crews.

Meanwhile back in the wet trainer, the water just kept on coming. This trainer has been here a long time but it still serves as the best way to prepare sailors for what they will encounter on a submarine.

Joe admits This 'Joe's Job' was quite a challenge.

'Just when I thought I was a loser in here, MM1 Rodgers made me feel better when he gave me his take on my performance,' explained Joe.

'Joe flanagan would do great as a submariner. Being a submariner is all about practice and practice makes perfect, and we all work as a team we will get things accomplished,' concluded Rodgers.

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