WAYNESBORO - A Norfolk elementary school came up with the winning name for a Peregrine Falcon recovered in Chesapeake.

The bird, found in February 2010, had several fractured bones in its right wing and has been recuperating at TheWildlife Center of Virginia.

Now healed, he can't fly well enough to live in the wild.

While Center employees have been working to make it an education ambassador, they started a naming contest. Within two weeks, 83 suggestions were made from 25 different schools as far away as Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio and Sweden.

The list was narrowed to 16 and then to five: Chayton, Chess, Hunter, Jameston and Max.

When voting ended Tuesday, Chayton was the top vote-getter with nearly a third of the votes.

Shyasia Carter-Walker, a student in Mrs.Barbara Preston's 4th grade class at Camp Allen Elementary School, suggested the idea of strong bird.

'We researched Native American names and found the Sioux word for 'falcon' which is CHAYTON.' Preston wrote.

Upon learning of the decision, she told,'The children and I set out to make this win happen. We enlisted the help of our friends, families, and staff members of Camp Allen. We used Facebook, email, and word of mouth to get the message out. The entire school was on board! It takes a VILLAGE to name a peregrine falcon CHAYTON.'

Camp Allen learned of the contest from Keep Norfolk Beautiful, which sends e-mails about grants and contests related to environmental education. The class decided to enter the Wildlife Center of Virginia's contest and brainstormed names and ideas.

Chayton is expected to begin traveling the state next month.

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