VIRGINIA BEACH -- A woman is in the hospital after being hurt in a fire Sunday afternoon.

Fire crews were called to the 700 block of Biltmore Drive about 4:45. The townhome is in the Washington Square section of the city.

Firefighters say it was a grease fire that started in the kitchen. The resident, Kathy Nastelli, couldn't get out downstairs and she went upstairs.

Neighbors smelled smoke and rushed to the house. One man stood below and urged her to jump.

'I said 'Honey, jump. I'm down here for you. Please jump.' And she finally did, and I was able to break her fall, described Louis Jenis who was attending a birthday party across the street.

According to Jack Crandell, with the Virginia Beach Fire Department, Nastelli was taken to Virginia Beach General Hospital with serious burns.

Nastelli is a teacher at First Colonial High School. She suffered burns on her hands, legs, and feet, but she's expected to be released from the hospital by Tuesday.

'Just to know we have the three of us is all we need,' said her son Jeremy Harris. 'We're always going to be there for each other.

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