CHESAPEAKE -- Two deputies have been terminated and three others have been administratively disciplined in the aftermath of an inmate's escape from the Chesapeake jail on Monday.

The Sheriff's Office said the deputies violated policy and procedures. The two fired deputies were responsible for supervising inmates, including 40-year-old Clancy Starling Jr .; the others violated policy when conducting Monday night's headcount, according to a news release about the office's internal investigation.

Four inmates have been charged with aiding Starling Jr. in his escape while in the outside fenced-in recreation area Monday. The Virginian-Pilot reports Starling's disappearance wasn't discovered until Tuesday morning.

The release states 'There will be no immediate change in the policy and procedure of the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office continuously reviews policy and procedures and make adjustments when necessary.'

Starling was serving a 15-year sentence after violating probation on burglary and larceny convictions in Chesapeake, authorities stated. He also was sentenced to two years for Grand Larceny on Virginia Beach charges.

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