CHESAPEAKE -- An escaped inmate was captured Wednesday after first being spotted near Richmond. Police say Clancy Dan Starling, Jr. was taken into custody around 5:30 p.m.

Early Wednesday morning, Starling was tracked to Trenholm Road in Powhatan County near Cumberland County. The U.S. Marshalls continued to track Starling until they located him at the Greyhound Bus Station in Richmond.

After setting up a perimeter and positively identifying Starling, he was apprehended without incident and will be returned to Chesapeake.

Starling escaped from the Chesapeake Correctional Center June 11th.

Starling was in jail on several charges including burglary and larceny. He had 15 years left to serve on those charges in Chesapeake. He is also sentenced to two years for gand larceny in Virginia Beach.

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