NORFOLK -- A suspected meth lab is shut down and residents living on Windmere Avenue couldn't be happier.

They said they knew something was going on in the home because of the traffic, the condition of the yard and cameras had been installed.

One man says he'd been talking with police and was happy when probation officers made an unannounced visit to Thomas Borsuk's home.

Police say they found drug paraphernalia and evidence of a meth lab.

For now, the home is condemned.

The resident said he did it to keep his family and others safe.

'It's a relief that it's over, but as with any situation it won't be over until it's totally over. The house is still there, the yard is a potential hazard, the interior of the structure is a potential hazard.'

Borsuk is due in court August 31 to face several drug charges.

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