HAMPTON -- A man rescued two people from their sinking car Tuesday night in a ditch near Mallory Elementary School.

Courtney Jones was at the playground at the school when she noticed a car floating in the ditch nearby.

While taking a video of the car, she saw someone knocking on the inside of the back window, so she started yelling for help.

'I start to hear this bang on the window. I said 'help, there's people in there,'' she said.

A neighbor, Jesie Joyner, jumped into the water, broke the window with a hammer, and pulled the two people to safety.

'This little young lady kept hollering and screaming 'help 'em, help.' I can't let the young lady down, so I'm gonna do what I can,' he stated.

The people in the SUV were deseparate.

'Water was all the way up to our neck, past our neck. And I was all the way in the back. My husband made me go in the back and I had enough breathing room, it's unbelievable,' Deborah Pearson said.

'We knew we was dead, we was,' Mr. Pearsonadded.

They called Joyner their living angel on this earth.

He was just glad he was in the right place at the right time.

'I was more concerned about them than myself. I haven't swam in quite a number of years, but I did pretty good,' he said.

Joyner is a custodian at Phillips Elementary School.

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