SUFFOLK -- In 2009, Jennifer Harrell pleaded guilty to several charges related to poor treatment of horses and dogs. Now, she and her mother, Linda Vann, face similar accusations.

Tuesday, Suffolk Animal Control officers seized 15 small dogs from the property where the mother and daughter live on Deer Path Road. Officers noted that several of the animals didn't seem to have been given adequate food and water and that there were not enough doghouses for the number of animals on the property.

'They weren't underweight,' said Harrell, pointing to a large bag of dog food on the porch of the house there, explaining there was more food inside the home.

Harrell told 13News food that was put out for the dogs to eat had gotten wet because of rain. She said the same rain dirtied up water in bowls and that she and her mother had not had a chance to change it before officers found it.

Harrell, who, after entering her guilty plea in 2009, is allowed to have 1 dog and 1 agricultural animal, said only 1 of the dogs taken was hers.

'Some of 'em were mine,' Vann offered. 'I babysat for somebody, and she didn't show up, and, then, she come back one day and left 4 more, and somebody tore the fence down, and they got out. That's what happened.'

Vann and Harrell added other animals used the opening in the fence to join up with the dogs already on the property.

Charges against the pair include Animal Cruelty. Others address failure to provide water and food, and allowing the animals to run free.

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