NORFOLK-- High school varsity teams kicked off the first Saturday football game, with fewer fans.

'It looks like a ghost town on the stands now,' Tiffany Mitchell said.

The change comes after the murder of 19-year-old David White. The Lake Taylor high student was killed last Friday. He was walking home from the Booker T. Washington game. 'David White wasn't shot on school property. But, school officials believe doing away with night games is just the best thing to do.'

The difference was clear as night and day. At halftime, about 300 people paid to see the game. An average night game reportedly brings in at least twice as many people.

A veteran police officer working the game told 13NEWS, in the daytime security can see everything. There is nowhere for potential trouble makers to hide. Changing the football schedule is also one way officials want to assure parents games are safe.

Carl Hailes came to watch his nephew play. He says the players don't care when they play, just as long as they do. 'Their whole motive is to go out here and play a game. They want some scouts to look at them to get recruited. So as long as they're accomplishing that mission; whether it is played on a Saturday afternoon or Friday night doesn't matter to them.'

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