PORTSMOUTH - Across Hampton Roads, people are finding things missing from their vehicles.

In some cases, the criminals break windows to get to items that are in plain sight; in many others, the cars are unlocked, making them an easy target.

To try to combat the increase in these crimes, Portsmouth Police Patrol Officers, Neighborhood Impact Officers and Crime Prevention Officers are now checking cars parked on public streets and in parking lots.

The Officers will look over vehicles to see if they spot any valuables and unlocked doors. If either is found, the officer will leave an 'Auto Alert' on the windshield, letting drivers know that they could be a target for thieves.

Several hundred advisories have been left on cars since the program started late last month, authorities stated.

If you have questions about the program, contact the Portsmouth Police, Public Information Office or the Crime Prevention Office, at 393-8093.

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