NORFOLK -- Norfolk residents were already feeling the effects of Sandy as she approached off the coast Sunday night.

High winds and waves were crashing into Ocean View beach, and water covered 4th View Street, blocking traffic.

Several power lines were down across W. Little Creek Road and Diven Street, cutting off power to many residents.

Flooding from the Lafayette River threatened several homes in Larchmont.

Rachel Ritter moved out of her home near Richmond Crescent. She said she tried to save some of her belongings before leaving, 'We just put everything up on table and chairs and all that. And moved some stuff upstairs.'

At Hampton Boulevard and Lexan Avenue, water was blocking the road, causing many drivers to turn around.

John Bowers has lived in the area for years, and he says so far, Sandy isn't the worst he's seen. 'Hurricane Isabel where we lost our power for 11-12 days, we had no electricity or gas.'

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