VIRGINIA BEACH -- Carol Kromkowski has been dealing with flooding inside her home for years.

'We got hit with the nor'easter and hurricane. I personally lost my home in that one. Sandy was not as bad, but people still have major damage.'

Kromkowski is the Lynnhaven Colony Civic League president, and she called a meeting Saturday to address the problem. Public works interim director Phil Davenport was the main speaker. He hopes the city and residents can work together. 'These families are in a location they've chosen for different reasons, and some of those areas come with consequences.'

Davenport says city crews will work to unclog ditches. In addition, there's talk of installing drain lines underneath shore drive, adding flood gates and pump stations. Donna Rennick says she's heard it all before. 'They tell us what they will do down the road. There is no time frame. I'm going to be dead.'

The biggest roadblock is finding the money in the city budget. Although there's no set time for improvements, most agreed this discussion flowed in the right direction. 'I'm very happy that they even came out, and responded to our request,' Kromkowski noted.

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