VIRGINIA BEACH Dozens of EMS volunteers were on call Thanksgiving in case anyone needed help.

'It's just my way of giving back to the community, and helping people in need,' said Debbie Coley Mills, who has been an EMT for nearly 24 years.

Brenda Tokarz says lending a hand is her new way to celebrate the holiday. 'I've had Thanksgiving in years past with my family. Now that my children are grown, it's nice that I have the freedom to help.'

Megan Beatty's father is firefighter and her mom is a paramedic. She says serving others is their family tradition. 'I used to have dinners here at this station, with my parents and family. So it's nothing new to me, and if we can help people when we're here, that's even better.'

All of them agree, the more they give the better they feel. Beatty says, 'It's having the satisfaction that you helped someone a little bit or a lot. I never ask for thank you, but just to see it on their face is awesome.'
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