NORFOLK - Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters is the first in Hampton Roads to partner with a breast milk bank to help premature babies and their moms.

Many times, when infants are born early, their mothers aren't able to produce enough milk and doctors say formula can't compare to breast milk.

'They just look better. They look healthier. They get home sooner. They tolerate the feeds better. They get their IVs out sooner because they can go up on their feeding amounts. Their tummies do better,' explains project coordinator and nurse Ashlynn Baker.

The donated milk is pasteurized and tested before being given to babies.

It's helped Veneisha Tripp Frazier, whose twins were born at 29 weeks.

'I wasn't able to produce as much milk as I should have been,' she says.

Click here if you would like to donate breast milk to the Wake Medical Milk Bank. It's one of only 12 milk banks in the U.S.

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