CHESAPEAKE - A woman says she grabbed her child and jumped out the window to escape fire in their Chesapeake home.

A space heater ignited bedding in the home at 4516 S. Military Highway around 2:35 a.m.

'There was fire coming up the side of my bed and I grabbed my baby,' said Angela Ward. 'Thought my hair was going to catch on fire. I grabbed my 2-year-old and threw her out the window and jumped out with her.'

Ward says her husband, who was inside with their 2-month-old, handed her the child and then he went through the window as well.

They could only watch as the room went up in flames and smoke poured from their home.

They were able to get the situation under control in about 15 minutes, containing the damage to just the one bedroom.

The family had recently moved to Chesapeake from Ohio.

Fire officials say they're staying with a relative at a nearby hotel for the day and the Red Cross is helping them beyond that.

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