NEWPORT NEWS --A woman jumped from a third-story window to escape a fire in Newport News Friday.

Police have arrested 50-year old Curtis Williams and charged him with arson after they say he set his home on Hampton Avenue on fire.

Six people were inside the house at the time, and one person was taken to the hospital with injuries.

Tenants say the woman who jumped from the home is recovering at a local hotel.

Residents say Williams was upset because he felt someone stole $60 from him and around midnight he was yelling and combative so they called the police.

A few hours after the police left the house, tenants say the smoke detectors sounded and they claim to have seen Williams starting a fire in his room.

Courtney Askew lived in the building with her husband and she said the suspect was boastful about starting the fire.

'He walked out, he was out here clapping and he was like 'yeah I burned it down, I burned it down,'' Askew said.

Fire officials are still trying to determine the exact cause.

The Red Cross is providing assistance to those affected.

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