NORFOLK-- A dog that was reported stolen just before Christmas has been found.

Nyla, a pit bull, was taken from Stacy and Chris Cole's home on Chesapeake Boulevard, along with presents intended for their daughter.

The Coles say a woman named Martha recognized Nyla from the picture on the Norfolk animal shelter Website.

Chris says he immediately left work to see if it was really her.

'As soon as I get up to the cage, she starts to get up and her tail is wagging and she sees me and she comes and jumps up on the fence and I knew it was her. And I just fell to my knees and I started crying,' he said.

The Coles took Nyla to the vet Tuesday night because she was so thin. She weighed 44 pounds when she disappeared. She'd lost 13 pounds during her month away from home.

'I was a little devastated she was that skinny, nothing but skin and bones,' Stacey Coles remarked.

They still don't know what happened to Nyla while she was gone, but the family is so happy to have her back.

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