HAMPTON-- People living in one Hampton neighborhood say that hawks have been attacking their pets.

Tanis and Lee Mowery live on Winchester Drive in the Northampton neighborhood and say there are hawks circling the area, preying on their tropical birds and other small animals.

Lee says they see the hawks almost daily. 'We'll go out in the morning and there will be a bunch of feathers blowing, they're chasing the birds around here.'

Neighbors know that the hawks need to eat but they are fearful for their small pets.

'We keep tearing down trees for houses and the animals got to go somewhere,' Lee said.

Neighbors say the hawks have started making meals out of small pets. The most recent casualty was a Chihuahua.

'Oh they've gotten more than one neighbor's dog. We've had several neighbors who've lost their little dogs, we're convinced and cats,' Tanis said.

The Mowery's say the hawks have made bold attempts to get at their tropical birds more than once. 'I was playing with our blue and gold macaw one day, and she was on the door and the hawk was in the cedar tree, and he started to fly after it, and she's this big and he didn't care. He was going to get her until I started swinging a stick at him.'

Hawks are birds of prey and the Mowery's know the animals have to eat, but they warn pet owners to look up and watch out for the predators.

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