WASHINGTON, DC - The president of Afghanistan is on his way to Washington for what could be a showdown with President Barack Obama.

11 years after U.S. troops went to Afghanistan and freed the country from Taliban control, President Karzai says America fought the war 'in a very incorrect manner.'

More than 2,000 American servicemembers have died in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001. 66,000 troops are still fighting there and most of them are supposed to leave next year.

Karzai wants as many as 20,000 of them to stay and train Afghan troops. Karzai complains that U.S. commanders cooperate with so-called 'warlords' in parts of the country his government does not control. He also wants American troops who remain in his country after next year to come under Afghan justice.

Karzai's tough talk might be designed for his own people more than the Obama administration.

While many Afghans are grateful the Americans freed them from the Taliban, they'd like all foreign troops to leave soon. They also know, however, that if that happens too fast, the Taliban could take control again.

The Afghan government worries that an all-at-once pullout by U.S. forces could make the government collapse. In fact, President Karzai wants American soldiers to patrol his country's borders to keep terrorists out instead of fighting them inside his country. But realistically, there won't be nearly enough U.S. troops to even try to seal the borders.

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