NORFOLK-- There is a new trend to help families celebrate pregnancy.

For about $500 and in the comfort of your own home, a sonographer will come to you with all of their equipment to show off your baby.

Dr. Alfred Abuhamad, the chair of OB/GYN at EVMS, says it's good for bonding but that's about it.

'The idea of having a party around an ultrasound may not be too good because of the risk of harm that can come,' Abuhamad said.

Dr. Abuhamad is in discussions with the National Institute of Health to develop a recommendation on how many ultrasounds are healthy during the course of one pregnancy.

Abuhamad points out that while it's much safer than X-ray and CT Scans, it's still a sound wave.

'It's still an energy, and ultrasound has a potential harm if used inappropriately,' Abuhamad said.

He also warns of finding something during an ultrasound that you aren't prepared for.

Abuhamad suggests that you talk to your doctor to get permission for your family to join you during your ultrasound, rather than the doctor's office equipment coming to you.

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