NEWPORT NEWS - Snow fell across Hampton Roads overnight and disappeared from many areas just as quickly.

'We did get the snow that was forecast, but the ground and air temperatures in the mid-30s made it too warm to stick,' explained 13News Meteorologist Craig Moeller.

Va. State Police in Hampton Roads said they'd responded to 10 crashes and 13 disabled vehicles from Williamsburg to the Eastern Shore to Franklin.

The City of Williamsburg got an inch or two of snow. The main roads were wet but clear by 4:00 a.m., but some snow was still visible on grassy areas and on parked cars.

In Newport News along J. Clyde Morris Blvd., there were signs that snow had fallen. The medians and grassy areas were covered before sunrise and slush was collecting along the side of the roadway.

On Southside Hampton Roads, it was the same story. The initial heavy snowfall left a nice white blanket on vehicles and homes.

On Route 58 in Suffolk near the airport around midnight, heavy snow fell. On Main Street Friday morning, the snow had turned to slush on the roads. About half an inch was still visible on grassy areas.

Michael Brown was out early Friday.

'The roads were pretty clear. Everything's pretty melting away, just a few spots you have to be concerned about coming in-around curves and stuff. Just slow down for other people who might be on the road,' he advised.

City officials say about an inch of snow fell in Suffolk, with many areas receiving less. Public Works crews, which were out overnight, were focusing efforts on clearing icy bridges.

Crews were clearing the Walmart parking lot so employees and shoppers at the Main Street store could get to and from their cars without problems.

In Portsmouth, crews put salt and sand down on bridges and overpasses until 3:00 a.m. to ensure the roads would be safe.

Roads were mostly clear, although police were advising drivers to be cautious because of icy patches in many areas.

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