GLOUCESTER -- 'As my wife and I were going to the gym that morning, we see all these emergency vehicles of every type and description,' recalled Captain Alan Alexander. 'We see a glow through the treeline, but no idea what's going on.'

It was January 16 and still dark. Past the trees was a fire tearing apart the Grogan Family home. Virginia Grogan would die trying to save 3 of her grandchildren who also died.

'I didn't know the Grogans personally, but just as a parent, a neighbor, the thought of losing 4 members of a family of 7 just like that, and just never knowing, it really hit me hard,' Alexander told 13News. 'I'm like, 'What can a little one-man show like me do?''

Alexander, owner of York River Charters decided to offer a day of fishing at auction. All money raised will benefit the Grogan Family.

His daughter, who runs Bay Country Kayaking with Alexander, suggested they offer 2 kayaking trips at auction as well.

'We're trying to maximize the gift to this family at their time of their greatest need,' Alexander explained. 'I will give them the best trip I can possibly give them whether they're on a paddle or fishing charter, but what's really important: they've become part of something bigger than them and that is helping this family when they need it.'

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