NORFOLK-- A video that has gone viral, showing Maury High School students beating each other, has family members concerned about school safety.

School officials say a fight involving multiple students broke out in front of the school's bus port on Friday.

The Facebook video was posted only a few hours after the fight. In the video you see dozens of kids surround a group of students who are punching each other. You can hear the person holding the camera cursing.

'I fear every day when my little brother goes to school that something will happen and he will be a victim to this sort of violence,' said a sister of one Maury High student.

The girl told 13News more needs to be done at the school to prevent the kind of mob depicted in the video.

'I think the school should take into the account that things like this are going to happen with such a large student body and that they should consider using pepper spray and tear gas like other Universities,' she said.

According to Norfolk Police, a 22-year-old man was present during the fight and was cited for trespassing on school property. No injuries have been reported following the fight.

The school and the Norfolk Police Department are investigating the incident.

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