NORFOLK - TME Enterprises, the company contracted to do pothole repairs in Hampton Roads, is getting out of the pothole business.

'We've received a notice they plan to withdraw their bid for new contract,' said VDOT spokeswoman Shannon Marshall.

Marshall said specifics about the situation and dealing with potholes on I-64 and I-264 going forward will be discussed Wednesday at the Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting in Richmond.

The Board will discuss recommendations to prevent situations like that of February 8, when vehicles were damaged after hitting potholes on I-264 in Norfolk.

Last week, VDOT Commissioner Greg Whirley blamed TME for not doing a better job, but he also said VDOT bears some responsibility for not taking a proactive approach to deteriorating roads.

Meantime, the Virginian Pilot cites an employee who says TME plans to sue VDOT for $1.1 million to recover 'excessive overtime.'

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