NORFOLK--It may not be the infamous I-264, but Tidewater Drive in Norfolk has its own set of bumpy problems.

'They're more like speed bumps. They're like the joints in the road and they keep adding the asphalt to them and just building them up instead of smoothing them out,' explained motorist Gary Shapiro.

The uneven lines of asphalt can cause damage to cars, but are even more dangerous for people riding motorcycles.

In January, a depression in the road caused a police officer to lose control of his bike on Tidewater Drive.

'I've hit up-rises in them and been bounced out of my seat. I've jarred my back,' said motorcyclist Ralph Carrop.

The city says there have been several requests for pothole and road repairs along that stretch of roadway. Despite the complaints, the city says the pavement is at an acceptable standard.

Longtime bikers suggest it's best to take it slow and know your surroundings.

'I would say get into your car, drive down the road first and see where they're at and what spots to avoid,' said motorcyclist Gary Littman.

In response to our 13News investigation, the city sent an inspector Tuesday to examine parts of Tidewater Drive. The results are currently unavailable.

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