PORTSMOUTH -- Dogs were seized from two Portsmouth homes this week - one had been left behind by its owner and nine were living in filth, police say.

Animal Control officers found a female Pit bull mix in a detached garage on Main Street. They say it had no food or water and the area was contaminated with waste and the home was vacant.

In the second case, complaints about barking dogs led police to a home on Elm Avenue. Nine dogs, four of which are Pit bull mix puppies and a Golden Retriever, were seized by Animal Control officers.

The police officers along with AC officers had to suit up in protective clothing and masks due to the feces and odor in the home, said police spokeswoman Det. Jan Clark.

All nine dogs were seized and taken to the Portsmouth Humane shelter.

Clark said charges of animal cruelty are pending and the home was condemned by the City.

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