PORTSMOUTH-- Portsmouth Mayor Kenny Wright delivered a message full of optimism at his annual State of the City address Wednesday.

Wright highlighted what he believes the city has improved upon over the last year, including job creation, renovating abandoned homes and creating communities where families want to live.

'I don't care about how we are doing compared to other cities. What I care about is how are we doing today compared to yesterday,' said Wright.

The mayor also boasted about being one of the few cities in the country able to have a general fund surplus during the economic downturn, as well as its readiness to build businesses.

Wright also said transportation issues have been ignored for years and it's time to figure out a way to manage them.

The mayor told 13News he supports the lawsuit to halt the planned tolling of the Midtown and Downtown tunnels.

'We will have our day in court on May 1st and hopefully we'll get a positive outcome. Transportation projects are of great importance in the Hampton Roads area and there's a better way to pay for these projects than putting it on the backs of people paying tolls,' said Wright.

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