ACCOMACK CO.--Accused arsonist Tonya Bundick deflected the heat Wednesday, offering 'no comment' before her arraignment.

Bundick and her fiancee Charles Smith are each charged with one count of arson and conspiracy to commit arson after police surveillance caught the two setting a fire in Melfa on Monday night.

Police detailed the events of Monday night in a search warrant released Wednesday.

In the warrant, State Police say they were doing surveillance on the abandoned house in Melfa when they saw a minivan pull up and then someone running to the back of the house.

Troopers saw the flicker of a match or lighter just before a fire started at the back door.

Next, police say they saw the minivan pull back up to the house to pick up the suspect before driving off toward Route 13.

Troopers say they saw a cloth wedged in the back door where fire started.

The warrant also states that after his arrest, Smith admitted he started the fire using a shop towel torn off a larger piece at his auto body shop, Charlie's Autobody and Paint.

Search warrants also show that police searched the couples' home on Matthews Road in Parksley and found a plastic gas can as well as several pairs of boots.

In their minivan, police found eight lighters, several pairs of gloves and several articles of black or camouflage clothing.

Another document says Smith also pointed the finger at Bundick for other arsons in Accomack County.

Smith has hired an attorney to represent him and Wednesday a judge assigned Bundick to public defender Shannon Dunham of Eastville.

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