ELIZABETH CITY-- Police have arrested a man after finding 2 dozen guns in his house many of them loaded.

Police say they received numerous complaints about drug activity and the illegal sale of firearms coming from the residence in the 600 block of Cedar Street. . After a lengthy investigation a search warrant was issued and served on the residence.

At or about 9:30am Thursday Elizabeth City Narcotics agents, accompanied by a SWAT team entered the home to find two adults and a small child in the home.

Officers searched the residence and found 24 guns, mostly loaded and in plain sight, all in one room of the two story house. One of the guns has already been confirmed as being stolen from an earlier breaking and entering sometime in December.

Two other handguns had their serial numbers filed off. Officers also found numerous items of drug paraphernalia throughout the residence.

Mark Andrew Baker Jr, 29, . was arrested for 1 count of possession of a stolen weapon, 2 counts of possession of a gun with an altered serial number and 1 count of cruelty to animals. He was placed on a $15,000 bond and has an appearance in court on Friday.

On the second floor of the house, officers found a bedroom with 11 dogs, 2 wild squirrels, 2 snakes and a guinea pig in it. According to police the entire room's floor was covered in animal feces. Police also found vermin and a bug infestation.

The Department of Social Services was contacted and responded to the scene due to the deplorable condition of the residence. Animal Control officers took possession of the animals in the home.

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