NEWPORT NEWS -- Officers arrested a Woodside High School English teacher Friday afternoon following an investigation into allegations she had an inappropriate relationship with a former student.

Police said the teenager's parents found nude pictures of 27-year-old Cara Alexander on his phone Tuesday . Alexander was a teacher at Woodside High School which the 17-year-old used to attend.

Newport News Police Department spokesman Lou Thurston said the parents also told officers their son and Alexander were involved in a relationship.

'She's the adult. He's the child. She should have known better,' said Anthony Bailey whose son is the same age as the alleged victim.

Bailey's son had Alexander for English in his freshman year.

'He said she was a very nice teacher, and, you know, he had a good time in her class,' Bailey told 13News. 'It is disappointing.'

Newport News Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Price said Alexander began substituting for the school division in 2009. She started teaching full-time in 2010, joining the faculty of Woodside as a 9th Grade English teacher. Price added the division is in the process of terminating her and will recommend her license be revoked.

'Takes away from what we're really there trying to do, trying to help the students to get ahead in life and to get the education,' Craig Stevens said.

Stevens has a daughter who attends Woodside. He also substitutes there while he takes courses at Old Dominion University to become a high school teacher.

'Students are getting older. They're acting older. They're looking older. They're exposed to more older adult content, so it kind of blurs the lines. Teachers are getting younger. Students are acting older, so they're kind of intersecting,' noted Stevens. 'There's a tendency to kind of fraternize and to get close, so I think we have to be able to pull back and be objective and stay in our position as teachers.'

Police say that there's no indication any inappropriate activity between Alexander and her former student occurred on school property at this time.

Alexander is charged with 6 counts each of Felony Using a Communications System to Facilitate Certain Offenses Involving Children and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, and 1 count of Felony Taking Indecent Liberties with a Minor.

Friday night, she remained in Newport News City Jail with no bond set.

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