NORFOLK--Security is a concern with several activities taking place in Norfolk this weekend.

The Virginia Arts Festival is holding its annual International Tattoo and NATO is celebrating its festival with a parade on Saturday.

The Norfolk Police Department held meetings with all parties concerned to let them know a plan is in place.

'Yes, it's really a team effort. When you have 6,000 people for six shows, some 35,000 people through Scope this weekend, it is really, really important that everyone is on the same page,' said Rob Cross, Virginia Arts Festival Director.

Because of the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon, public gatherings have many people on edge.

On Friday, there was a scramble as a suspicious package was found near Scope.

Danuelle Tucker of Virginia Beach became very concerned. 'Maybe we won't come back here with the boys. Maybe we will go to the circus in Hampton instead, if it's playing,' Tucker said.

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