NORFOLK-- Chris White and Angie Aresco used to work in radio, but for the last eight years they have owned and operated Wags, a doggie daycare center in Norfolk. This is a dog-gone good life if you love dogs.

'It's about the three 'P's.' Play, potty and pooping them out, so they can go home and their parents can enjoy a nice evening,' joked Aresco.

Joe discovered quickly those three 'P's' that Angie was talking about.

As many as 40 dogs are at Wags on any given day. Some of them started coming eight years ago when it first opened. All the dogs have their own personality and workers say it be a pretty entertaining place to work.

'They'll sleep and they'll nap, and then they'll all look at each other and say, 'Oh, this would be a great idea, let's all nap.' And then one will get up and they all say, 'What a great idea, let's all get up,' said White.

Some dogs get there at 7 a.m. and some stay as long as 7 p.m. It takes a special kind of person to work at a doggie daycare.

'Somebody that really loves dogs or animals in general, but a deep love for animals and working hard,' said employee Karen White.

Joe was working to hang a shade screen for the animals, something that is a must when the weather turns warm. Joe says it's all about the dogs comfort and safety. That's customer service.

'They're all really wonderful though. I mean, they all get along with each other,' said Aresco.

How would Joe do working at a doggie daycare?

'I'd give you an A+. Yeah, yeah. First day, it's been what a half-hour, and you've done good,' concluded White.

A good review for Joe and a job that was a whole lot of fun, dog gone it!

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