VIRGINIA BEACH - 14 people are accused of welfare fraud in Va. Beach to the tune of $100,000.00.

They were indicted Monday by a grand jury. The cases range from alleged fraud of $1,100 to more than $44,000, the Commonwealth's Attorney office reported.

Allegations are investigated by investigators with the Department of Human Services and those that yield evidence of fraud are presented to our office for prosecution, explained spokeswoman Macie Pridgen.

Charges include knowingly making false application for welfare assistance, obtaining food stamps under false pretenses and/or failing to notify of change in circumstances.

Tasheira J. Cope - Over $13,000
Holly Elizabeth Edwards - Over $3,700
Kathryn Eleazer - Over $2,100
Shana Chevette Freeman - Over Over $9,600
Scott Douglas Fry - Over $3,500
Jessica Rodriguez Galban - Over Over $3,300
Chantal Alise Godbee - Over $1,100
Rochell Ferrah Kemp - Over 16,400
Eileen Marie Ann Magee - Over $5,100
Theresa Louise Payne - Over $5,100
Gabriele Rojas - Over $5,400
Rachael Anne Snow - Over $1,600
Nicole Anastacia Warren - Over $44,000
Trudyann Georgetta Williams - Over $2,900

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