HAMPTON-A man being taken into custody in Hampton Tuesday died in police custody.

Police investigating a suspicious person complaint on Grant Circle around 9:00 a.m. say 41-year-old Marion Jermaine Dixon became disorderly and combative.

Spokesman Cpl. Jason Price said officers believed he was suffering from an unknown medical condition and tried to place him in emergency custody. Officers were able to handcuff him and that's when they noticed Dixon had stopped breathing.

The officers immediately began CPR and called for medical help, Price stressed. Rescue workers took Dixon to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy will be done to determine what caused Dixon's death. Meantime, the officers involved are being put on administrative leave with pay, per division policy. Cpl. Price explained two investigations are being done - one administrative and one criminal.

The last death in Hampton police custody investigation occurred December 10, 2009 when officers tried to serve an emergency custody order to a man on Overlook Court. Investigators say he was tased twice after swinging a Samauri sword at the officers. After the second incident, as officers tried to take him into custody, he stopped breathing.

The medical examiner stated that the man's death in 2009 was ruled accidental and the cause of death was, 'excited delirium in addition to mental illness in addition to meth amphetamine use in addition to obesity in addition to subdual by police.'

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