The West Coast is currently experiencing the unexplained phenomenon of dolphins traveling in 'super mega-pods.'

Thousands of dolphins were spotted off the coast of San Diego this week by passengers aboard a tour boat, which then followed the 'super mega-pod' for more than an hour.

An estimated 100,000 dolphins were in the 'super mega' pod.

Virginia Beach is also known for the frequent visits of the bottle-nosed dolphin which experts there say are lured by the food-rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, the Mid-Atlantic's largest populations of bottle-nose dolphins migrate off the Virginia Beach coast each year, creating the perfect dolphin playground.

Surfers and ocean kayak enthusiasts report frequent, friendly encounters with the dolphins, although not in large numbers.

From April through October, visitors can participate in dolphin-watching cruises sponsored by the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and narrated by a museum educator.

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