NORFOLK - People in Ben Moreell military housing are still wondering what brought hazardous materials teams to their neighborhood Wednesday.

A 13News viewer sent a photo of a HAZMAT team, dressed in white suits and working under a tent, in the front yard of a home on Eilers Street.

A notice posted on the front door of the home read: 'Warning, a clandestine laboratory manufacture of illegal drugs and/or hazardous chemicals was seized at this location.'

Residents say they weren't allowed to go into their homes while HAZMATand other authorities worked at the scene.

Orrintell Wyte is one of them. He had gotten off USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Wednesday afternoon and as he drove to his home, he was stopped by a police barricade. He said most of complex was blocked for the investigation.

'So we get home, we're excited. He's tired. We get here and there's yellow tape everywhere and we couldn't get in. So the people they were really nice. They talked to us, but they told us we couldn't get in the house,' his wife Martha said. 'My husband asked could he please change his clothes so we can go out to eat. They let him change. We had to leave and come back.'

When the family returned, crews were gone but the warning posters were taped to her neighbor's house.

Officials haven't revealed what they were looking for, what they found or confiscated.

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