NORFOLK -- In an effort to combat alcohol abuse and, subsequently, sexual abuse, the United States Navy plans to limit the availability of alcohol on bases, as well as the times Navy members can purchase it.

Some aren't sure the limitations will lead to a drop in sexual assaults or to a decrease in alcohol abuse

'If they want it, they're going to buy it,' said Jennifer Walsh who has been in the Navy for 3 years. 'They're going to stock up before.'

Walsh told 13News Now the Navy recently increased training to fight the rise of sexual assaults in the branch.

In a survey, 55 percent of women in the Navy cited alcohol as a factor leading to attacks.

Walsh agreed it plays a significant role.

'For sure, because when you drink, you make bad decisions -- or you can make bad decisions; not everybody does, but more likely,' said Walsh.

The Navy will stop selling alcohol at its mini marts.

Certain exchanges also will stop alcohol sales. At larger, select exchanges, sailors will be able to buy alcohol begining at 6:00 a.m. The cut-off for sales will be 10:00 p.m.

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