NORFOLK -- Aline Bass was shocked when her son came home from Lake Taylor High School Thursday afternoon and told her he had to ride to and from school standing in the aisle of his school bus.

Bass said her son was told to stand in the aisle because there weren't enough seats for the number of students on the bus.

'I'm very concerned, not only for my son, but for other students,' Bass said Friday. 'What if the bus driver has to slam on breaks? Or anything, anything can happen.'

Bass' concern turned to anger after she called Norfolk Public Schools to complain about her son's bus arrangement.

'They basically told me that that it was okay, that it was okay for them to stand and sit in the aisle,' Bass said.

Elizabeth Thiel Mather, Senior Director of Communications and Public Relations for Norfolk Public Schools, disputed Bass' version of that call.

In a statement late Friday afternoon, Mather said Bass was told that the bus was not over capacity according to the school district's roster.

Mather also said a transportation supervisor has been assigned to ride the bus Monday to ensure there are enough seats for all of the children on the bus.

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