YORKTOWN -- If the government shuts down, national parks would close, causing tourists who are visiting the Historic Triangle to change their plans.

In Hampton Roads the indoor exhibits at the Yorktown Battlefield and Jamestown Island would close.

Some visitors made their way to those attractions Monday, not wanting to gamble with what Tuesday might hold.

At the Yorktown Battlefield, Ronald Emmert from Texas said, 'It's a shame they can't get their work down until there's a deadline. Anybody else would be out of a job.'

The Colonial Parkway might also close if there aren't any park rangers to patrol the 23 miles of roadway between Yorktown and Jamestown.

Casey Newsome of Virginia was taking pictures on the parkway with her niece Monday. She summed up the situation saying, 'I think its just really silly that they're letting it get to this point'

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