VIRGINIA BEACH -- Students at Regent University pitched in to help victims of sexual assault Friday.

Regent hosted the non-profit group, Fear 2 Freedom, to help make 300 comfort kits for those suffering from sexual abuse. 100 students packed boxes full of sweat pants, toiletries, and teddy bears.

They may seem like everyday items, but Rosemary Trible, founder of Fear 2 Freedom, says these comfort kits have special meaning to those hospitalized after sexual abuse.

'Individuals don't understand, when someone goes to the hospital after sexual assault, domestic violence, or even child abuse, that all of their clothes have to be kept for evidence. and it broke my heart realizing that they've been leaving in paper scrubs,' said Trible.

Trible, a victim of sexual assault herself, was joined Friday by Brook Bello, a survivor of human trafficking and advocate against sexual abuse. 'What she does is extraordinary,' said Bello. 'Not just kids who are victims of human trafficking, but kids who have been raped, molested, or violated in some way.'

200 kits were delivered by ambulance to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital to help forensic nurses there begin the healing process for patients.

Another 100 kits were donated to the YWCA in Norfolk.

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