HAMPTON-- City Council voted 5-0 Wednesday night to deny a permit that would have turned a former inn into a homeless shelter for veterans.

The permit would have allowed the former Arrow Inn to become a homeless shelter for up to 120 people, both veterans and families.

A release from the city said that the council had recently adopted several measures in a campaign to crack down on crime and blight issues, including limits on hotel stays.

The permit to renovate the hotel at 3361 Commander Shepard Blvd. would have been in conflict with that ordinance. The inn would have been leased to the Salvation Army.

According to the release, City Manager Mary Bunting told council that Hampton has sought and received 325 federal housing vouchers specifically for veterans in need of housing. Those vouchers are not all in use, she said, with the city having the additional capacity to help about 80 more veterans.

Members of several veterans' organizations, VA Hospital staff, individual veterans and members of the city's Military Affairs Commission have supported the shelter proposal.

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