NORFOLK -- While his name may not ring a bell to many voters, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis hopes his message will cut through the bitter fight between Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

'It's been an interesting race, certainly the two major parties -- the Republicans and Democrats -- left a lot to be desired with their nominees, so Virginia voters are very receptive to my message,' said Sarvis.

This weekend, Cuccinelli and McAuliffe campaigned throughout the state trying to pump up their base ahead of the election Tuesday.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama joined McAuliffe at an event in Arlington.

'You can make this happen, but you've got to make sure everybody goes out on Tuesday and chooses a better future for Virginia,' said the President.

Cuccinelli took Obama's visit as an opportunity to blast McAuliffe for his support of the Affordable Care Act.

'We're seeing before our eyes the destruction, that this program is reaping on liberty itself, on health care, on our economy, on families, and it's all across the country,' said Cuccinelli.

Sarvis is spending the last few days of the campaign traveling the state in an RV with his family.

He's traded large rallies for meet and greets in living rooms, making his case against what he sees as a broken political system.

'Elections are about accountability and in order to hold both the republicans and democrats accountable you have to vote against them,' said Sarvis.

Most polls show McAuliffe with a slight edge over Cuccinelli heading into Election Day.
If Sarvis receives 10 percent of the vote on Tuesday, the Libertarian Party automatically will be added to the ballot in the future.

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